International Journal of Human Rights recognition of one hundred customer units

The Executive Secretary of the National Management Festival, said: The largest national festival in the country ‘s 100 – unit national festival was held this year with a view to introducing from the actors of manufacturing firms, The Business, this year.

Executive Secretary of the 100 – unit national festival: today, experts believe that one way to increase the effectiveness and effectiveness of organizations is to improve the quality of production and services in order to meet customers ‘ needs and expectations.

he said: thus, the intense competitive environment between markets, the development of social networks and the powerful choice of consumers. it has led to and observance of consumer rights to be the best competitive advantage between firms and organizations. it is necessary to protect Iranian goods and to pay attention to clients.

The Executive Secretary of the National Festival recited a hundred times to the customers: according to the importance of the subject and the rule of article 44 of the constitution and following the implementation of article 8 of the law on the obstacles of competitive generation and enhancing the financial system of the state. The country ‘s largest national festival is the country ‘s largest national festival, with a view to the introduction of recognition by activists of manufacturing enterprises, trade with the support of the Presidential Institute, the Free Economic, Industrial and Special Economic Zones, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Company for Petroleum Industries. And the International Brand Organization was held in December this year with full observance of the criteria and sanitary protocols and after obtaining the necessary licenses at the Centre for International Conferences.

Accordingly, to the resolutions of the Supreme Council of Policies, at the closing of the ceremony of units that were under the auspices of the Scientific Committee and the Evaluation of the ceremonies, it was appreciated and appreciated by the Ministry of Higher Education.

in this regard , familiarity with global techniques of interaction with customers and stakeholders of economic , productive and service firms , benefits of employing correct communication with customers , customer ‘s voice in meeting the needs of producers and suppliers , explaining the role of customer rights in meeting the needs of the producers and suppliers , the appropriate organizing of supply and demand markets based on competition of commercial agencies and evaluation of challenges and creating opportunities for economic boom in evaluation of units such as research and development units have been studied in this national festival .

In the principles of Customer Relationship Management, providing solutions for stability, price and elimination of brokering in attracting customers satisfaction is increasing the attraction of foreign investment resources in advanced technology, attracting and directing capital by the concerned bodies of other axes discussed at the national festival.

It can be acknowledged, including the executive programs of the Summit, the implementation of the specialized panel of questions and the special response of the top executives, the presentation of officials and officials in the country, the introduction, glorification and appreciation of 100 customers in the form of ” Golden certification ” of consumers after assessment at different levels.

as one of the most eminent and most powerful companies in the field of production and services and services of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, the company has also attended the conference and has been praised by the executive directors of the ceremonies and attendees.

the value of the entrepreneur, innovative and pioneer in the region, establishment of sustainable competitive advantage in the field of medicine and medical equipment and active participation in regional markets, observance of corporate governance, environmental responsibility, employment of integrated information systems, expert work, speed, accuracy, health, and transparency.

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