Social Responsibility

When we stand together…

Todays, with the corona virus invasion of the human life cycle, a new chapter has begun in the world. Occurrence of coronavirus infections, which has occurred since at the end of the 1398 in our country, led to the implementation of various methods and ways to cut the human chain of infection as a way out of this problem. Some of these solutions include the use of masks, gloves, thermometers to Controls body temperature and hand sanitizer.

Atlas Gene, in order to provide for the welfare, to comply with health protocols in the society or in the other word meet to social and moral responsibility, to committed itself to providing medical supplies and equipment to fight the Corona pandemic and overcome this crisis.
Based on this important to carry a positive action and establish a proper balance between the ecosystem and the economy of society, it is purchased, imported and donated standard three-layer masks, N95 mask, hand sanitizer solutions and medical equipment to health centers and organizations of country.

مسئولیت اجتماعی شرکت اطلس ژن

For Protecting Public Health, and in order to support and empathize with compatriots in the recent inclusive flood, Atlas Gen Company prepared and sent the flood-related medicines, foods and sanitation needed by the flooded victims. After the flood and the damages to a big number of compatriots, especially the New Year passengers in different parts of the country, the Atlas Gen Company, provided some medicines, first-aid kits, foods items, infant requirements and food additives, milk powder, individual health items, and drinking water with an estimated value of more than one billion Iranian Rials from shareholders’ contributions. The company has been directly handed over these items to dear countrymen affected by natural disasters over its specific distribution network.