Atlas Gen, Always on the path to development and innovation

Message from C.E.O.

Atlas Gen Company with a record of serving in the health sector has experienced many ups and downs and many bitter and sweet days. The last year, despite the recession in the global economy and the relative slump in the business market of our beloved country, was a successful year for the Atlas Gen Company. It is hoped that this process of development and excellence will continue to be supported by the divine mercy and with the help of the honest and diligent staff of the company. Also it is hoped in the years ahead, we will see an increasing company’s growth and success along with more services to our compatriots.



Value-creating, innovative and pioneering in the region.


Creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the field of medicine and medical equipment and active participation in regional markets.


Respect For Customers’ Rights, Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, Adherence to Human Capital, Observance of Ethics and Professionalism.

Management Style

The Atlas Gen management style is based on considering corporate governance principles, continuous monitoring, participatory decision making, and the use of integrated information systems, expertise, experience, speed, accuracy, health and transparency.

Atlas Gen was organized under the name of “Mahoun Naghsh Paya” Company in May 2013. Our aim was to improving the quality and development of science-based management for drug distribution, in addition to providing new approaches in the field of health care in line with the goals of its founders in order to promote the distribution industry in Iran. In 2018, after five years of successful and valuable experience and market dominance, major changes were made in the management corps with the goal of youthfulness and agility. As well, the name changed to the ATLAS GEN Company. At present, the main activities of the Atlas Gen Company are trading fields, including importing, exporting, buying and selling of any goods, in particular pharmaceutical items, packaging of bulk pharmaceutical products, establishment of factories, any authorized transactions, participation in other companies or purchasing their shares and any commercial affairs related to the subject matter of the company. The company now has more than 100 items and products from reputable companies in different pharmaceutical groups. Nowadays it is possible to say that Atlas Gen Company is one of the most trustworthy and reputed pharmaceutical providers and distributors in Iran. The company with a good record in supplying and distributing the most important and essential medicines needed by Iranian people and distributing products to all parts of the country has the honor of serving the cherished compatriots. At present with the possession of vast storage capacity of goods, the use of extensive transportation and distribution facilities, and the use of modern technology infrastructure, Atlas Gen Company play a vital role in the distribution of all types of pharmaceutical and health products required by the country.